Oct 182011

Vitamin deficiency turns out to be a major problem when it comes to how to get up early feeling great. Lack of vitamins affects the sleep patterns and causes different sleep disorders which result in insomnia. If you want to help your body on how to get up early every day, you should make sure you receive all the necessary vitamins.

First of all, B-group vitamins are extremely important for your body, they are needed to maintain mental and physical health. B-group vitamins are involved in the metabolism of serotonin that helps to regulate the sleep patterns. Besides, taking vitamins of B-group can help you prevent stress, anxiety and depression, main enemies of quality sleep.

Calcium is another element needed for a good health and quality sleep. It is not only a mineral that maintain strong bones and teeth, but it is also known for a sedative effect. Lack of calcium can cause anxiety and prevent you from falling asleep. Probably, that’s why a glass of warm milk, since it contains calcium, is considered to be the best bedtime snack that eases falling asleep.

Magnesium helps you go to sleep too. Magnesium deficiency leads to nervousness that can be a reason of insomnia and other sleep related issues. Magnesium along with the calcium deficiency can be the main cause of leg cramps.

The main source of vitamins is food, but you can also consider taking vitamin complexes in pills. Recommended daily dose of calcium is 1,000 – 2,000 mg. You should divide it in portions and take after every meal and before going to bed. The recommended dose of magnesium is 500 mg – 1,000 mg per day and it is also advised to be taken along with calcium after meals and at bedtime. The daily dose of B-group vitamin complex should be 100 mg.

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