Oct 192011

There are a lot of things you can do that can help you on how to get up early every day feeling great and without any problem, but sometimes you just need that little something that will give you extra motivation in the process of becoming an early riser. It is not difficult at all; everything you need is persistence in what you are doing.

Turning waking up early into a daily routine can be challenging sometimes. To avoid the monotony that can bore you to giving up you want to make sure you always do something different each day to make it easier and more fun. It is like eating fish every day, even if it is your favorite dish, sooner or later it will make you want some meat. Take care of variety not only when you cook your breakfast, but also when you choose what exercise you do in the morning. Diversity will teach you how to get up early every day and actually enjoy it!

To increase your motivation think of the things you can reward yourself with in order to maintain the interest in waking up early. Make mornings your favorite time of the day. It is extremely hard to sleep in when you are truly looking forward to waking up to do something that you enjoy the most. It can be practicing your favorite sport, or cooking if that’s what you love. You can go to work earlier and avoid morning traffic jams, if that’s what makes you angry every day. You can turn your mornings into a family time you would enjoy all together, or just spend it on yourself doing something your kids prevent you from. With open mind everything is possible, so wake up early to greet a new day.

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