Sep 262011

If you want to know how to get up early, it is extremely important to remember that you need to live accordingly to the natural course of things. You need to follow the patterns that nature has designed for you. Nature laid a scheme for us that sleep is cyclic and the sleep cycle equals 90 minutes, this means that if we want to get up early feeling great, we need to sleep for a certain amount of time that can be divided by 1,5 hours.

When you set up your alarm clock, you need to count what the best time for your awakening is. This way you should ideally sleep 9 hours, but 7,5 or 6 will work too. Besides, it is preferably that you sleep 7,5 hours rather than 8, as the most people do. Using this tip will show you how to get up early feeling great!

Also, you should keep in mind that if you woke up earlier than the time you have set your alarm clock to; you should get up and start your day rather than stay in bed unless you are able to spend another 90 minutes on your sleep. The incomplete sleep cycle can only ruin your sleep pattern and make your awakening worse. You will feel slack and sleepy for the whole day.

We all are different, so are our sleep cycles. Some people need little more of sleep, some need little less. So, if you want to teach your body how to get up early, you should count out your own sleep patterns, just make sure you take notes. In your notes you need to indicate at what time you fall asleep, at what time you wake up, count out how many hours per day you sleep and clarify how exactly you feel when you wake up this day.

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