Sep 282011

The quality of sleep affects the way how we wake up early in the morning and our productivity during the whole day. If you want to know how to get up early in the morning feeling fresh and rested, you should give your body and mind a proper quality sleep. To improve the quality of your sleep you need to create the right sleep environment.

First of all, as we already mentioned in our blog, the bedroom should be bedroom, don’t turn it into your office, or kitchen, or even the living room. Your bedroom is for sleep and for having some intimate time, but not for watching TV and eating. Keep your bedroom quiet and predisposing to relaxation.

If you wonder how to get up early, you should work on creating the right sleep environment. The temperature in your bedroom when you sleep should be a little lower than usual. Cool bedroom temperature helps your body sleep tighter and stimulates your awakening when the alarm clock rings.

Besides, make sure that your bedroom is dark and noise-free to provide a deep and good sleep. To make sure it is dark when you sleep you can wear a sleeping eye mask, this way you won’t be bothered by light in the early morning. To avoid the noises you can use earplugs or a white noise machine. Indoor fountain can create the right sound for complete relaxation before and during the sleep. These aspects are extremely important for a quality sleep.

If you want to teach your body how to get up early, use some extra help, aromatherapy products, for example, can supply the right sleep environment. Use the lavender oil, it helps to clear your mind after a long working day and helps your body go to sleep.

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