Oct 222011

If you want to learn how to get up early in the morning every day, you should stop considering yourself being a heavy sleeper. The thing is that people usually use it as a very convenient excuse for not being able to wake up early. Unless you suffer from some sleep disorder or insomnia and your health issue can be treated with medication under the doctor’s care as prescribed, you are able to get up as early as you want. The most reliable way to wake up early is to make it a habit. 

Turning your waking up routine into a habit means that you will be doing it automatically, without rationalizing, just like brushing your teeth. This will make it easy for you; you just need to make a commitment for 30 days. Normally it takes 3-4 weeks to build a new habit. So, one month of hard work can make your life easier and give you all the benefits of waking up early in the morning every day.

It is hard to make drastic changes in your lifestyle at once, so you need to go step by step, changing your sleeping schedule, using tips and products to help your body wake up early and improving your health. Remind yourself of your goal every day. It is hard to remember everything you wanted to do in order to get up early first thing in the morning, since your brain needs some time for fully awakening, so placing stickers around the house as reminders can be a great idea. Believe me, after few weeks you will do all your morning routine automatically. Besides, making a promise not only to yourself that you will keep the commitment, but also to someone you don’t want to disappoint, like your partner or parent, or your best friend can be very helpful and motivating.

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