Dec 222012

You’ve had a busy weekend and didn’t realize what time it is on Sunday night before going to bed and suddenly remember that you’re due in work in 6 hours. How do you recover from the late night in the morning whether you’re at home or in the office?

Set various alarms in different places and at different times

alarm clock will help you wake up earlyIf you have a few alarm clocks, relocate them around the room and at different times. Personally through experience I’ve learnt that 15 minute intervals work well for me. You should locate one near your bed, across the room from your bed, in the bathroom or surrounding rooms outside of your bedroom but make sure you can still hear it. This will get you out of bed in order to turn them off, essentially dragging yourself out of bed but in a nicer way.


Eat Breakfast

You should eat breakfast – whether it’s toast, a full English or cereal. Far too many people leave the house on a morning and drop by a coffee shop to pick up a variety of sweet things because they don’t think they have time or patience to cook breakfast in the morning. Doing the regular coffee shop run in the morning is the least cost effective option you could take. You might want to opt for toast as you can eat it on your way to work – in the car or while walking to the train or bus.


Drink Coffee

If breakfast hasn’t given you an energy boost yet, you may want to aid it with some coffee. You could make this at home and take it in a flask or purchase it from a coffee vending machine, which most offices have available to their employees and costs next to nothing for them.


Coffee not working for you? Try Water.

If you don’t like coffee, try drinking water. It’s free and quite refreshing…


Go outside for fresh air

If you are able to, go outside the office and get some fresh air. Sitting in front of a computer all day does no one any good and if you’re working on something which is difficult or you’re running out of ideas, sometime outside may work for you.

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