Jul 142011
upgrade you bedroom

Each day is a little life that starts in the morning. But how often do we wake up feeling slack? This is definitely not the way to start a new day. Here are some tips on how to get up early feeling great.


First of all, we need to figure out what the bedroom is for. Obviously, it is one of the most private places in the house where we sleep, relax and share intimate moments with ourselves or our partners. We should avoid TV, computers, workout equipment and other stuff that reminds us of stress and work pressure in our bedroom. Also, family portraits and pictures with friends can get in the way of our relaxation and achieving inner harmony. Your bedroom is your  escape from all the rush and the stress, There are other rooms in your home for all the photos of your family and everyone else who reminds you of your love.


Rlaxing-Bedroom-Wall-DecalSecond, in order to get up early and yet feeling full of energy it is very important to consider change of bedroom design. Wall decals can improve bedroom decoration, heavy sleepers are advised to apply calm and relaxing themes. They are very simple to use, you can reposition them or remove whenever you like. Also wall decals are considered to be the easiest way to improve your existing bedroom décor, to refresh it without spending much.

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bedroom fountainRedesigning your bedroom you should think of things that will make it more cozy and relaxing. What can be more soothing then the sound of splashing water? A good option for heavy sleepers and those who have to get up early is an indoor water fountain. It brings the aura of relaxation into your bedroom, the sound of running water brings you closer to nature arousing positive images in your head. Installing an indoor relaxation fountain right in your bedroom is a good way to get up early feeling fresh and enthusiastic, increase your efficiency during the day and reduce stress in the evening.


Aromatherapy candels in bedroomThird, aromatherapy has always been known as a very effective way of recreation. As it is the most affordable weapon of relaxation we simply have to include aromatherapy candles in our arsenal, that helps us to get up early. Aromatherapy candles are not only the most romantic and soothing way to light up your bedroom creating a very intimate atmosphere, but also a good trick that keeps your body healthy and mind clear, and makes it easy to get up early. Thanks to a large variety of scents we can achieve different purposes. Burning aromatherapy candles increase intimacy and sensuality for both partners, they also create spiritual atmosphere for those who use candles while praying or meditating. And they simply help to release the stress after a long working day. Heavy sleepers should use aromatherapy products to get up early with full energy, stimulated senses.


feng-shui-bedroomFourth, you should pay attention to the position of your bed relatively to other objects such as the door, walls, windows and even a mirror. Feng shui guidebook is a very good source for those who have to get up early. Arranging your bedroom correctly creates a place for the right energy flow, that is what we aim for. Fang shui experts advise to locate the bed in the middle of the room, allowing easy access to it from the both sides. Also you should avoid placing bed in line with the door or you will be in the way of energy flow.  The door should stay visible at all times, this way subconsciously you will feel secure and protected.


Carefully decorated room creates balanced energy flow and helps even a heavy sleeper to get up early feeling fresh and full of energy. Do not neglect possibilities that a simple bedroom redesign can do. Help your body to get up early and soon it will pay you back with strong health, inner harmony and high productivity.

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