May 162011
my wake up call

A lot of us do not feel motivated to wake up to a work out to stay healthy, so after the couple of weeks, we tend to sleep in more and skip the exercise.  Bad idea, and we know it, but what should we do different to ensure our health?  I had that same problem, skipping my exercise routines a couple of times of week in order to lie in bed.  I knew I shouldn’t, but I had no motivation to get up and continue with the exertion of morning exercise.

Find the Right Motivation

I figured I would have to find some motivation to get out of bed and get moving with my exercise routine if I wanted to maintain my health.  So I did some research.  There are many motivational products on the market, so I had to find one that was right for me.

My Motivation Solution

I searched for weeks both on the internet and in stores to find my perfect solution.  I tried several methods that worked for a short time, but went to the way-side within days.  I was frustrated, until I saw a product that made perfect sense.  It’s called “My Wake Up Call” and they provide motivational alarm messages through their alarm clocks or through your iPod with their alarm clock dock to get you waking up with a positive attitude.  This helps to motivate you to get your exercise routine going.  There are many messages available, so find the ones that give you that spark to light the fuse that makes you dynamite during your day.  Motivation is how to get up early, and is necessary in continuing the exercise and positive attitude that keeps both mind and body healthy.  Making this motivation a habit contributes to overall health.

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