Nov 052011

Timex Wake-up Shake and Wake Alarm Clock ReviewNothing can beat the morning rush… But how can it beat me if I’m still in bed? Getting up early has never been easier for a late sleeper like me. All the difficulties of waking up and getting up, fixing breakfast for my kids, preparing them for school and even making a little effort of fixing myself before heading for work is a big buts and no in my everyday morning routine. Imagine dragging yourself off from bed while your body really loves to do is stay? Closing your eyes and well go back to deep slumber… At first I’m so skeptic that all alarm clocks are equal. Meaning, they always give me the morning headache. But Timex Wake-up Shake and Wake Alarm Clock gives me the feeling of awakened in and out. My body and my mind they’re completely in sync! Unlike the traditional alarm clock this will gives you varying tones and pitches that you’ll find yourself alert for once. You can even get a screeching and loud tone that is, yes, not good for a morning wake-up call but beneficial for some mornings when you need to get up at dawn. Understanding yourself and your body needs can be beneficial at all times. This device saves me time in getting up early, feeling good about myself every single day, removes my morning headache and most of all it gives me more time to fix myself more before heading for work. The screw on the battery box is favorable for me because with my kids around having toys that need batteries, this helps me secure my batteries. Securing my time is a good habit to teach kids at an early age to be punctual all the time. You can’t be mistaken with this alarm clock!

Rating: ★★★★★ on scale

Timex Wake-up Shake and Wake Alarm Clock Review



Nov 042011

Sunrise System Dawn Dusk Sun Alarm Clock SRS100US
When I first saw the specifications of this strange alarm clock, it makes me wonder how it will help me. Most of the alarm clocks in the market are screeching high-pitched tones that will make you get-up just to shut the thing off. But what I liked most with this alarm clock is that it can simulate sunrise. It gives off energy that radiated through the body that helps pumping more blood through the heart.  For heavy sleeper like me, the most effective way to get up is when you actually flash the lights in my face. Yes, that’s right! The moment I feel the sun rising and the heat coming off the window, it never failed to wake me up. I can shut my mind for high-pitched sounds and mind-boggling tones that usually featured an alarm clock but never the lights. And what I love most is the way that it can relax my whole system. Simple, compact, multi-functional and exceptional! That is what I can say for the Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock. I like the small display in front because once you take a quick look at it you’ll get all the information you need. There’s the date, there’s the time and there’s the day. There are two things I like about this thing when I’m having trouble sleeping. First is that it also serves as my night light in helping me finish my books before going to bed. Second is that when I’m tired of reading, the sleep sounds function comes in. This also helps in putting my kids to sleep at night especially if they had a little too much sugar for desserts before going to bed. At first listening to the sleep sounds makes them bored and then since they are bored eventually their eyes become heavy and slowly they are fast asleep. I find it surprising to have an alarm clock, lamp and a radio in one! And getting up early, sleeping early is not a problem anymore.

Natural Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock

Rating: ★★★★★ on scale

Oh, and  by the way, This Natural Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock can be a perfect gift for Christmas for your heavy sleeper partner.

My Favorite Natural Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock

Aug 072011

Want to get up early feeling great? Indoor fountain will help! As I already mentioned in the previous posts, the indoor fountain can be a good option for heavy sleepers. It creates a relaxing and warm atmosphere in your room. The sound of splashing water helps you to clear your mind and wash away the troubles after a long working day.  In this post I am going to tell you about a few indoor fountains that I really love! Continue reading “Indoor Fountain can really help you Get Up Early” »

Aug 072011

Getting up early in the morning can be stressful for heavy sleepers, but aromatherapy products can come to the rescue. Aromatherapy has been known for its healing power. Fengshui guidebook recommends aromatherapy as a remedy for fatigue and exhaustion. It is the easiest way to feel yourself fresh and full of energy every morning, especially when you have to get up early. Continue reading “Aromatherapy Products as a Solution for Heavy Sleepers” »

Jun 212011
foods that will give you energy when you get up early in the morning

In learning how to get up early, sometimes it is necessary to give yourself an extra incentive to get out of bed and get your energy for the day in order to power through while feeling well rested and energized.  Keeping this in mind, there are five foods you should add to your diet to give you energy in the morning.  Not only that, but planning your breakfast menu in advance lets you look forward to these nourishing and energizing foods, prompting you to get up early and look forward to your day. Continue reading “foods that will give you energy when you get up early in the morning” »

May 152011
Get quliaty sleep

So, you are doing the right thing and getting the proper quantity of sleep, but how do you improve the quality?  First, it is important to understand the five stages of the sleep cycle.  Stage one is the transition to sleep.  It lasts for about five minutes and is when muscles begin to relax.  Stage two is light sleep, lasting for 10 to 25 minutes.  This stage is when body temperature decreases and heart slows down.  Stage three is deep sleep.  You become difficult to awaken, and if your sleep is interrupted you may be disoriented and groggy for a short time.  Stage four is a deeper sleep, where brain waves are very slow and circulation is directed at the muscles.  This is the physically restorative stage of sleep you have heard about.  The fifth stage is REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, which is when you dream.  Your eyes move rapidly back and forth, your arms and legs are paralyzed, and breathing is shallow.  This stage occurs about 70 to 90 minutes after falling asleep.  These stages repeat themselves throughout the night with the deepest sleep occurring in the first half of the night.  Allowing enough time for these cycles will help you to get up early.
Continue reading “Quality of Sleep Helps You to Get Up Early” »

May 052011
Peaceful progression alarm clock

It’s funny how simple things, like sunny side up eggs and slightly overcooked hotdogs, give you a great head start for the day. Because having just recently figured out my one defect in life, I guess I would have to learn to improvise, think only of these simple things, and not ruin the hours ahead with bad vibes and oozing laziness.

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Mar 302011

Waking up your kids in the morning can be very hard sometimes. The best way to make your child to get up early is very much depends on your child and his character. No one knows your child better than you. And the key to find the best way to get your child up is in your hands, it’s only matter of trial and error. There are a lot ways to wake up your child such as: playing games that will motivate your child to get up, or you can give your child some challenges on a subject that they like and by that causing them to be motivated and energetic. You can play their favorite music or favorite TV show and much more it’s up to your imagination…

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