Nov 102011

How To Get Up Early | My Wake Up CallHi all , today I wanted you to hear about a revolutionary service of a very good friend of mine, this amazing service will help you get up early in no time, fully motivated and happy . this is a Guest Post from Robin Palmer President of  Robin, the Stage is you

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Jun 082011
Find one true reason that worth getting up for

As basic as it may sound to you, most of people are not getting the importance of our self-motivation. As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the most important things that each one of us need for getting up early is motivation. Try to ask yourself those simple questions:

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Jun 052011

Sleep researchers from last years showed that the workout is a good way to wake up your body. But in fact the perfect time is after work in the late afternoon hours. About 4 hours after body workout our body starts to signal the brain that is time to go to sleep by dropping our body temperature. By scheduling your workouts for around 6:00 p.m. your body will be ready for bed at the right time.

Jun 052011
small coffee

If you get up early and you feel exhausted, Get your caffeine doze right when you roll out of bed. It’ll take effect within 30 minutes and stay in your body throughout the afternoon. You can have all coffee you want, but make sure you switch to decaf by 1 p.m. That way, it’ll all be out of your system by bedtime.

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Jun 052011
Use a mental trick


People tend to start their day in a rush right as soon as the alarm goes off. This will make you feel shocked and beat. What you should do is to focus strictly on the next 30 minutes —what the clothes you’ll wear, what you’ll prepare for breakfast, etc. After approximately a week doing so, it will become your default behavior, and getting-up early will become automatic.

Jun 052011
Internal Clock

Setting your alarm clock for one hour earlier can shake up your system. So you need to do it step by step. Everyday set the alarm clock 5 minutes earlier. And don’t worry about shifting back the time you go to sleep accordingly. Your body will naturally adjust to the earlier getting up time so you are not going to feel any change.

May 162011
my wake up call

A lot of us do not feel motivated to wake up to a work out to stay healthy, so after the couple of weeks, we tend to sleep in more and skip the exercise.  Bad idea, and we know it, but what should we do different to ensure our health?  I had that same problem, skipping my exercise routines a couple of times of week in order to lie in bed.  I knew I shouldn’t, but I had no motivation to get up and continue with the exertion of morning exercise. Continue reading “The Amazing My Wake Up Call Service” »

May 112011

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Mar 182011

After realizing that the key to get up early is finding motivation to do so. I would like to share with you 5 ideas that can motivate you to get up early. here is the place to mention that I’m sure that’s there are thousands of other different ways to do it and this list is only things that helping me. feel free to share with us your different benefits for getting up early.

Get up and eat your Breakfast – this one is first because here you kill tow birds with one stone. 15 minuets is what you will need in order to set you a healthy breakfast, think about it: its a great opportunity for you also to get up early and also you get your breakfast.  Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and beginning your day with fresh fruits or slice of organic beard will get you more energetic through the day.

Get up and spend time with yourself– there is something very magical in the morning, where everything is quite and everybody are still sleeping. Now you can enjoy these silence moments without the typical morning rush. Set your alarm clock 10 minutes before everyone are getting up and spent those 10 minutes doing something that makes you happy. This is great way to begin your day, I usually get up before everyone in order to read the paper and to drink my cup of coffee alone in my lovely porch.  You can spend those preaches moments doing whatever makes you happy and relaxed.

Get up early and exercise – this one is very good way to start your day. A 15 minutes workout, even inside your home, can help you to keep in shape and also to wake up fast and easy. There are a lot of different types of morning exercising programs available. It’s a good idea to begin your day with a short training.

Get up and get updated – a good motivation for getting up early is getting up to cheek updates on things that interests you. You can use great strategy that I do: before I go to bed I am setting all my downloads (movies, music albums ect..) and when I hear the alarm clock I am jumping quickly out of bed to check if my download is complete. as silly as it sounds it works on anybody. Just find what interests you and what will get you out of bed.

Get up and be first– one of the simplest things that I’m sure you haven’t thought of is just to get up early and be ahead of everyone: in the bathroom, on the road before rush hour, in the office before all the Annoying bosses. Use your time at office before everybody comes to be finish all the little thinks that you never had time for.

Do you have any other Ideas??