Apr 202012

I’ve always been a heavy sleeper and as such, the dilemma of how to get up early always confounded me. I have no problems falling asleep at night; in fact, I have the ability to practically fall asleep on command. The problem for me is that I sleep like a hibernating bear, only I can’t afford to stay asleep for months at a time. I have to wake for, you know, my job, so I can earn money and enjoy my lifestyle. I used to set my alarm for the last possible moment that I could wake up and still get to work on time, but I’d always end up arriving to work groggy and my first hour or so would be unproductive as my body was still waking up. My Eureka! moment finally came when I developed a good snooze button strategy.

When I first decided to start using my snooze button to give me a little cushion of awake-time before getting out of bed, the alarm clock I was using automatically set the snooze interval to nine minutes, with no possibility to adjust it. It really provided very little help waking up. I felt just as tired when my alarm went off a few minutes later and my desire to stay in bed was just as strong as if I hadn’t used the snooze button at all. I tried to double up on my snooze periods, setting the first alarm to go off 18 minutes before my true wake-up time, but the nine-minute intervals were just too short to get any further meaningful rest. It was like I was just getting less sleep at night.

So, I made the executive decision to find a new alarm clock that would offer me more flexibility to design my own snooze button strategy. I picked one up that let me personalize my snooze interval to better fit my sleep patterns and, after a bit of tinkering, settled on a snooze button strategy of a single snooze period of 22 minutes. My body starts waking up early enough to be fully adjusted by the time I get to the office, but it also has enough time to rest and relax during that interval without any disruptions. Since finding the right snooze button strategy, I’ve been more productiveat work and an all-around more content person.

American Innovative Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock Product fearutes:

American Innovative Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

  • No other clock radio in the world has this capability; nearly every feature can be adjusted to suit personal preference
  • Two 7-day banks provide 2 completely independent 7-day wake schedules, his and hers, for example
  • Wake to NPR at 7 am weekdays, a morning talk show on a different station on Saturday, and the buzzer on Sunday
  • Other features include descending snooze time, up to 7 daily reminder alarms, calendar display, and flexible inputs and outputs
  • Easy to set, a simple twist of the patent-pending rotary dial makes complicated push-buttons a thing of the past; ac powered with battery backup




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