May 172013

One easily overlooked way to improve your chances of waking up early and avoiding the snooze button is to make sure you’re getting high quality sleep. But in order to get great sleep, you have to know what you’re aiming for. What is high quality sleep and how can you get more of it?

High Quality Sleep Defined

According to a study in the journal Sleep, individuals “…defined sleep quality by tiredness on waking and throughout the day, feeling rested and restored on waking, and the number of awakenings they experienced in the night.” Sleep. 2008 March 1; 31(3): 383–393. It’s easy to see that if you have no trouble waking up, and you’re not feeling sleepy throughout the day, you’re probably getting good quality sleep. So how can you maximize these subjective feelings in a way that helps you wake up earlier?

The Ingredients of a Great Night’s Sleep

There’s isn’t one surefire way to get a good night’s sleep. It’s a combination of environmental factors and body chemistry. We have control over many environmental factors and these are very important. Ambient noise, amount of time dedicated to sleep, diet before bed, and alcohol consumption are all things that can and should be controlled to enhance sleep. Body chemistry can be more difficult to regulate. For example, melatonin is a natural hormone synthesized in our brains that controls our sleep wake cycle. Its production is inhibited by exposure to light, and the amount we make is gradually reduced as we age. Supplementing your body with melatonin can help reestablish your body’s natural sleep patterns, thus ensuring high quality sleep. However, melatonin is only one of many ingredients that contribute to a great night’s sleep.

Wake Up Early With a Natural Sleep Supplement

There are many natural sleep supplements on the market today and choosing one can be daunting. Some are single-ingredient products like 5-HTP and melatonin, while others can contain a blend of various sleep inducing compounds. One product that has had been very successful is Zeez Sleep. Zeez is a special blend of 14 herbs, vitamins, and minerals that work with your body to provide restful, productive sleep. Zeez includes ingredients like calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins that help establish proper sleep cycles and improve sleep quality. It’s safe for everyday use and non-addictive. The Zeez formula has been precisely tailored to provide you with a full night of uninterrupted high quality sleep so you can wake up when you want to. So if you can gain a little control over your environment and combine that with Zeez to gain a little control of your body chemistry, you’ll be waking earlier, refreshed, and with more energy than you thought possible. Reader’s of this blog can use promo code “wakeupearly” to receive a 10% discount on Zeez at

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Apr 202012

I’ve always been a heavy sleeper and as such, the dilemma of how to get up early always confounded me. I have no problems falling asleep at night; in fact, I have the ability to practically fall asleep on command. The problem for me is that I sleep like a hibernating bear, only I can’t afford to stay asleep for months at a time. I have to wake for, you know, my job, so I can earn money and enjoy my lifestyle. I used to set my alarm for the last possible moment that I could wake up and still get to work on time, but I’d always end up arriving to work groggy and my first hour or so would be unproductive as my body was still waking up. My Eureka! moment finally came when I developed a good snooze button strategy.

When I first decided to start using my snooze button to give me a little cushion of awake-time before getting out of bed, the alarm clock I was using automatically set the snooze interval to nine minutes, with no possibility to adjust it. It really provided very little help waking up. I felt just as tired when my alarm went off a few minutes later and my desire to stay in bed was just as strong as if I hadn’t used the snooze button at all. I tried to double up on my snooze periods, setting the first alarm to go off 18 minutes before my true wake-up time, but the nine-minute intervals were just too short to get any further meaningful rest. It was like I was just getting less sleep at night.

So, I made the executive decision to find a new alarm clock that would offer me more flexibility to design my own snooze button strategy. I picked one up that let me personalize my snooze interval to better fit my sleep patterns and, after a bit of tinkering, settled on a snooze button strategy of a single snooze period of 22 minutes. My body starts waking up early enough to be fully adjusted by the time I get to the office, but it also has enough time to rest and relax during that interval without any disruptions. Since finding the right snooze button strategy, I’ve been more productiveat work and an all-around more content person.

American Innovative Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock Product fearutes:

American Innovative Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

  • No other clock radio in the world has this capability; nearly every feature can be adjusted to suit personal preference
  • Two 7-day banks provide 2 completely independent 7-day wake schedules, his and hers, for example
  • Wake to NPR at 7 am weekdays, a morning talk show on a different station on Saturday, and the buzzer on Sunday
  • Other features include descending snooze time, up to 7 daily reminder alarms, calendar display, and flexible inputs and outputs
  • Easy to set, a simple twist of the patent-pending rotary dial makes complicated push-buttons a thing of the past; ac powered with battery backup




Dec 102011
best radio alarm clock

Are you tired from your old and annoying alarm clock? Do you want to be woken up by something that doesn’t bore you completely?  Do you like to be tuned in and know what’s going on first thing in the morning?  Then choosing the best radio alarm clock is a great option for you! You can go to sleep and wake up listening to your favorite radio station. The best radio alarm clock has an advantage over your old alarm clock. It is the built-in radio that makes it more fun to get up early. Few easy steps to set it up and it is ready to bring on all the positive emotions and energy boost early in the morning. I’ve tried a few of them from Amazon to choose the best radio alarm clocks for you and here is what I found. Continue reading “Best Radio Alarm Clock” »

Nov 102011

How To Get Up Early | My Wake Up CallHi all , today I wanted you to hear about a revolutionary service of a very good friend of mine, this amazing service will help you get up early in no time, fully motivated and happy . this is a Guest Post from Robin Palmer President of  Robin, the Stage is you

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Nov 052011

Timex Wake-up Shake and Wake Alarm Clock ReviewNothing can beat the morning rush… But how can it beat me if I’m still in bed? Getting up early has never been easier for a late sleeper like me. All the difficulties of waking up and getting up, fixing breakfast for my kids, preparing them for school and even making a little effort of fixing myself before heading for work is a big buts and no in my everyday morning routine. Imagine dragging yourself off from bed while your body really loves to do is stay? Closing your eyes and well go back to deep slumber… At first I’m so skeptic that all alarm clocks are equal. Meaning, they always give me the morning headache. But Timex Wake-up Shake and Wake Alarm Clock gives me the feeling of awakened in and out. My body and my mind they’re completely in sync! Unlike the traditional alarm clock this will gives you varying tones and pitches that you’ll find yourself alert for once. You can even get a screeching and loud tone that is, yes, not good for a morning wake-up call but beneficial for some mornings when you need to get up at dawn. Understanding yourself and your body needs can be beneficial at all times. This device saves me time in getting up early, feeling good about myself every single day, removes my morning headache and most of all it gives me more time to fix myself more before heading for work. The screw on the battery box is favorable for me because with my kids around having toys that need batteries, this helps me secure my batteries. Securing my time is a good habit to teach kids at an early age to be punctual all the time. You can’t be mistaken with this alarm clock!

Rating: ★★★★★ on scale

Timex Wake-up Shake and Wake Alarm Clock Review



Nov 042011

Sunrise System Dawn Dusk Sun Alarm Clock SRS100US
When I first saw the specifications of this strange alarm clock, it makes me wonder how it will help me. Most of the alarm clocks in the market are screeching high-pitched tones that will make you get-up just to shut the thing off. But what I liked most with this alarm clock is that it can simulate sunrise. It gives off energy that radiated through the body that helps pumping more blood through the heart.  For heavy sleeper like me, the most effective way to get up is when you actually flash the lights in my face. Yes, that’s right! The moment I feel the sun rising and the heat coming off the window, it never failed to wake me up. I can shut my mind for high-pitched sounds and mind-boggling tones that usually featured an alarm clock but never the lights. And what I love most is the way that it can relax my whole system. Simple, compact, multi-functional and exceptional! That is what I can say for the Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock. I like the small display in front because once you take a quick look at it you’ll get all the information you need. There’s the date, there’s the time and there’s the day. There are two things I like about this thing when I’m having trouble sleeping. First is that it also serves as my night light in helping me finish my books before going to bed. Second is that when I’m tired of reading, the sleep sounds function comes in. This also helps in putting my kids to sleep at night especially if they had a little too much sugar for desserts before going to bed. At first listening to the sleep sounds makes them bored and then since they are bored eventually their eyes become heavy and slowly they are fast asleep. I find it surprising to have an alarm clock, lamp and a radio in one! And getting up early, sleeping early is not a problem anymore.

Natural Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock

Rating: ★★★★★ on scale

Oh, and  by the way, This Natural Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock can be a perfect gift for Christmas for your heavy sleeper partner.

My Favorite Natural Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock

Aug 292011
wake up light alarm clock

I’m Sure are all tired of your old ringing alarm clock sound. there is new way you can get up in the morning without hearing the annoying alarm clock sound anymore! Natural light alarm clocks will help you wake up only by using LIGHT.Natural light alarm clocks use the light as a trigger to wake you up. Specialits are aying that this is much more peaceful and relaxing way to begin your day. The light gradually gets brighter and brighter until you wake up naturally. here in this short post we are going to cover the Best Natural Light Alarm Clocks Continue reading “The Best Natural Light Alarm Clocks” »

Aug 132011
alarm clocks for kids

As I have already mentioned in the previous post on how to help your kids wake up for school, a new school year had started on this September. The party is over, your kids won’t be able to go to bed late and sleep till noon anymore. have you wondered how to get up early after the summer break? Well, a new alarm clock for kids can make a big difference. It can make it more fun to wake up and show your kids how much you care for them. So, I browsed the web looking for the best alarm clock for kids and here what I found: Continue reading “The Best Alarm Clocks for Kids” »

Aug 072011

Want to get up early feeling great? Indoor fountain will help! As I already mentioned in the previous posts, the indoor fountain can be a good option for heavy sleepers. It creates a relaxing and warm atmosphere in your room. The sound of splashing water helps you to clear your mind and wash away the troubles after a long working day.  In this post I am going to tell you about a few indoor fountains that I really love! Continue reading “Indoor Fountain can really help you Get Up Early” »