Aug 072011
Getting up early in the morning can be stressful for heavy sleepers, but aromatherapy products can come to the rescue. Aromatherapy has been known for its healing power. Fengshui guidebook recommends aromatherapy as a remedy for fatigue and exhaustion. It is the easiest way to feel yourself fresh and full of energy every morning, especially [Read More...]
May 252011
heavy sleeper
After years of terrible getting up experience I decided to put an end to this. I stared to do some checking and my goal was to find the best heavy sleeper alarm clock available. I purchased 10 different heavy sleepers alarm clocks and tested them on me. Each alarm clock was tester for two weeks. [Read More...]
May 152011
Get quliaty sleep
So, you are doing the right thing and getting the proper quantity of sleep, but how do you improve the quality?  First, it is important to understand the five stages of the sleep cycle.  Stage one is the transition to sleep.  It lasts for about five minutes and is when muscles begin to relax.  Stage [Read More...]
May 052011
Peaceful progression alarm clock
It’s funny how simple things, like sunny side up eggs and slightly overcooked hotdogs, give you a great head start for the day. Because having just recently figured out my one defect in life, I guess I would have to learn to improvise, think only of these simple things, and not ruin the hours ahead [Read More...]