May 052011
Peaceful progression alarm clock

It’s funny how simple things, like sunny side up eggs and slightly overcooked hotdogs, give you a great head start for the day. Because having just recently figured out my one defect in life, I guess I would have to learn to improvise, think only of these simple things, and not ruin the hours ahead with bad vibes and oozing laziness.

Yes, I am just too much a fan of sleep I would give the world up for a morning undisturbed by alarms that ring the nerves out of my brain. My mom told me I picked up on this habit when I was in fifth grade, throwing tantrums in the morning when I get to be woken up in ways I didn’t want too. Okay, so you might think me spoiled, but wake up with light hurting your eyes and alarm clocks that give you heart attack. Then, you’ll know.

Luckily, I would have to suffer no more. After years of searching for the one, I finally stumbled on this device that is awesome. It’s called
The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock
.(yeah, the name says it all). Amazingly, it has this function that gradually wakes you up. You’ll feel like you’re one with nature because of the sound and scent it emits which soothe and revitalize your senses, sweetly coaxing you to start the day right. I find it user-friendly as well. That is, I don’t have to fumble on too many complicated buttons just to get the settings that I need.

Now, I wouldn’t have to suffer the whole day and brood over work due to a slightly messed up morning. Really, it doesn’t get any better than this alarm clock that may just probably be heaven sent..


The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock.
the peaceful progression wake up clock – try it now!

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