May 112011

I have always had a problem with waking up early. My snooze alarm was my best friend, letting me doze off repeatedly before I would finally get out of bed. I found this was not working very well, since I had to rush to work or get to appointments on time. So I decided to find a solution.

Do Your Research

Some simple searches on the internet showed me that there are solutions to the problem of how to get up early. Even being a heavy sleeper, there are many benefits to following the right program. The first thing to look for is whether the program addresses only physical problems or involves mental re-thinking in the bargain. If you don’t follow both, you may not succeed.

What I Found

I did find a program that really helped me a lot. Now I have found how to get up early without the negative attitude I used to have. The product is “Love to Wake Up Early Hypnosis CD” and includes suggestions in relaxation and positive, motivating messages. If you listen to the CD daily (but not while driving), your attitude toward learning how to get up early improves, leaving your mind open to the suggestions. After time passes with this routine, you find yourself waking earlier and looking forward to your day. You can listen to the CD at any time of day, at your convenience and still reap the rewards allowing early days to be a matter of routine.

Other Options to Add

In addition to the CD mentioned above, you can learn how to get up early by adding physical elements to your morning routine. When you get out of bed, do some stretching, get a glass of water, turn on your favorite music and take some deep breaths. These energize your body and prepare you for the positive suggestions you will listen to. If you already follow all of these steps, you have just become an early riser.
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