Aug 102011
How to help your kids wake up for school

New school year is getting closer. The kids will have to wake up for school early, we all know that it’s not easy to get back on track after the summer holiday. Children are used to staying up late and waking up later than during the school year. Getting back to the school sleeping schedule can be very stressful for a child. So, you probably wonder how to wake up your kids with no harm for them. There is always some ways that can help your kids wake up for school early feeling great and full of energy.

Helping our kids to get up early

The first day of school is always difficult after a few months of rest, but it gets extremely stressful when it comes along with a bad sleep and waking up early. A good advice on how to wake up your kids is getting back to school sleeping schedule a week or two before the school actually starts in order to avoid the stress. Just wake your children up slightly earlier every day till you get to their normal wake up for school time. There is no point of sending them to bed early if they woke up at noon, the trick is that when they wake up earlier, they get tired earlier and they go to bed earlier accordingly. It is important to go back to the routine.

Adjust a Good-Night Routine

Another tip on how to wake up your kids is helping them to fall asleep. Some kids are overexcited in the evening and it results in difficulties with falling asleep and nightmares. You want your kids to be calm and relaxed when they go to bed. With this purpose try to avoid caffeine in your kids diet at least for six hours before going to sleep. Also, it would be helpful to avoid some activities your children are used to, like computer games or watching TV. Reading a book before sleep would be great! If your child is too young to read, don’t forget about bedtime stories. This will help your kid not only to fall asleep easily and wake up for school with no problems, but also will improve your relationship.

Upgrade your kids alarm clocks

Besides, it is a great idea to upgrade your children alarm clock. Every day starts with the alarm clock and it is necessary to make the beginning of the day pleasant. Ask your children what alarm clock they would like, there is a huge choice of them nowadays.  Getting a special alarm clock for your kids can be a good and original present. Follow these tips on how to wake up your kids and you will see the results. Your children will wake up for school on time ready to learn. check out for the best alarm clocks for kids.

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