May 302011
Waking up

If you are like I used to be, sleep is a top priority. I would get up late and rush to do what I needed to do, feeling almost as if I had never even slept. Not only was I cutting my sleep time short, but the sleep I had was of poor quality. When I learned that I was sleep deprived, I decided it was time to change my ways in order to sleep better.

The Start of My Journey

The first thing I had to do was to eliminate some unnecessary tasks in my life in order to set aside the proper amount of time to sleep. If I was going to get up early, I had to learn to say no to late night parties or watching television. After finding my scheduled time to sleep better, I looked for some sort of motivation to get up early. What I did was to create a list of goals for each day, and listen to motivational CDs to psyche myself up each and every day to maintain the optimism I found in reaching those goals. The positive reinforcement of the CDs helped me to get up early and stay up, while giving me a more optimistic outlook for my day. But this was just the first step in my journey to sleep better.

I experimented with different products to make my bed more comfortable. For example, I purchased what is called ViscO2 memory foam. This bestseller product combined with ventilation provides the perfect balance of support, comfort and temperature. ViscO2 is a breakthrough in memory foam technology with the same performance as the leading brand, but with 5 times greater airflow to prevent overheating. This helps to eliminate the constant waking during the night to change position, interrupting your sleep.

I found that another idea to sleep better is an Adjustable Bed, especially if you have back and knee pain that prevents the ability to sleep better. Elevating the knees eases tendon and muscle stress to relieve pain. They are also a good idea for people with acid reflux disease of breathing conditions that require the head of the bed to be elevated. A less expensive option for this application is a Wedge pillow, allowing head and neck elevation without the cost of a full bed.

Along with a mattress change, I changed my pillow. Flat fiber-filled pillows required me to fold them over, and then punch them into shape in order to have the neck support and head comfort I desired. While doing some simple research, I found several types of pillows to help people sleep better and get up early. The first was The Total Pillow a neck pillow that wraps partially around the neck while the head rests on the center. Although it was one option that I thought would provide the comfort I needed, I continued my research. Another was The Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow it’s a pillow made of a type of foam that reshapes itself when you move and has a concave in the center. The pillow offers both neck support as well as head comfort. This seemed the perfect choice for me. So my bed was ready to help me sleep better and get up early. However, there was one thing that I did not take into consideration, and that was the bedroom itself.


The Sleep Environment

Being able to sleep better is not just about the bed you sleep in. You can have the most comfortable bed in the world, but you will not be prompted to get up early if you try to sleep with a jack hammer pounding beside your bed. The environment you sleep in is just as important as the bed, and is the next step in the quest to sleep better.

The temperature of the bedroom may affect your sleep if the room is too cold or too warm. The optimal temperature of the room should stay around 25 degrees Celsius (or 77 degrees Fahrenheit). Instead of purchasing expensive heating or cooling units, there is much more effective way to control the temperature on your bed just like you can in your home. The revolutionary chilipad puts you in control by giving you the power to warm up/cool down your bed and will help you fall asleep quicker, get up early easier and give you a more restless nights sleep. In addition, when you get up early don’t forget to open a window in order to provide that fresh air that invigorates your body for a good start to your day.

Lighting in the bedroom is also a factor. If the sleeper is a night-shifter that has to sleep in the daytime, normal daylight can defeat any effort to sleep better. Heavy curtains and shades are available to block out light, but may also block out the fresh air you want from an open window. Another option is to try the SLEEP MASTER Sleep Mask. While blocking out light some are available that can be warmed or cooled to allow you to sleep better and get up early. Make sure the mask is not too tight on your face as to cause discomfort or marking while still blocking out the light that keeps you awake.



I also found that a reduction in noise outside of the bedroom contributes to being able to sleep better. Running a fan in the room can block out external noise, allowing the restful stages of sleep. But if this option does not work, other options are available. There are noise reduction center which allow you to pick specific sounds that are to your tastes. I prefer a fountain or waterfall, but the soft chirping of birds at dusk or a soft wind sound may help you to sleep better and get up early with a great feeling of content and restfulness to get through your day. Some prefer the patter of rain, which is also restful.

Different aromas in the room may also help. For example, many people find that lavender is restful. However, some aroma therapy products tend to stimulate the brain rather than giving it rest in order to sleep to get up early. If you have a restful fragrance (my favorite one is lilac-and I use its lilac oil in my Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser) then by all means use that to give you peace. Otherwise, leave the fragrances alone and follow your newly set sleep habit of going to bed at the same time, and waking to your alarm clock at the same time in order to establish a routine.

Our next article will explore alarms clocks to help you wake up early! , describing different types to be used to get up early and enjoy your day. Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions for the next reader, so that we can continue to give good information as well as experiences.

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