Apr 282011

Sleeping too long is bad not only for your job and your family but it can also cause you a bad or moody feeling for the rest of the day. The next effective Tips will work on you – yes, even If you’re a heavy user of the snooze-button.

Getting up early at the crack of dawn can be really annoying. That is the reason that experts have put a lot of efforts in finding out why it is such annoying task. It turn out that being an early riser isn’t just a matter of setting your alarm clock, it requires a whole detailed plan with specific tasks that reset your internal-body-clock by making little tweaks during the day. The following tips couldn’t come on better timing since today being the first one at work can really help you to keep a perception of a serious worker, and to help you also to hold on to your job.

Adjust your internal clock

Setting your alarm clock for one hour earlier can shake up your system. So you need to do it step by step. Everyday set the alarm clock 5 minutes earlier. And don’t worry about shifting back the time you go to sleep accordingly. Your body will naturally adjust to the earlier getting up time so you are not going to feel any change.




Start your Day with a Mental Trick

People tend to start their day in a rush right as soon as the alarm goes off. This will make you feel shocked and beat. What you should do is to focus strictly on the next 30 minutes —what the clothes you’ll wear, what you’ll prepare for breakfast, etc. After approximately a week doing so, it will become your default behavior.




Get a Nice Cup of Coffee by 10 A.M.

If you wake up early and you feel exhausted, Get your caffeine doze right when you roll out of bed. It’ll take effect within 30 minutes and stay in your body throughout the afternoon. You can have all coffee you want, but make sure you switch to decaf by 10. That way, it’ll all be out of your system by bedtime.




Exercise after Work

Sleep researchers from last years showed that the workout is a good way to wake up your body. But in fact the perfect time is after work in the late afternoon hours. About 4 hours after body workout our body starts to signal the brain that is time to go to sleep by dropping our body temperature. By scheduling your workouts for around 6:00 p.m. your body will be ready for bed at the right time.

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